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The Commence Designer Edition RM Version 4.1a release is now available for all customers using Designer Edition Version 3.5, 3.6, 4.0 4.0a, or 4.1 who have a valid software maintenance contract.

Please review the following links for important information and steps needed to download, install, and verify that the update has been correctly implemented.

Alan Kusinitz, Managing Partner
Software CPR
I would like to commend Commence on the reliability and unique capabilities of their product, as well as the excellent technical and customer support they provide. It is a pleasure to work with a company where the key people are so knowledgeable. We consider Commence one of our most highly valued and appreciated vendors.
Marc Oglesby, Sales Manager
Hewlett Packard
We have been using Commence CRM software for more than a decade and it’s been the most reliable rock solid software for managing teams of people.
Mike Tonneson, Director
We are thrilled with Commence and it serves us very well. We have customized the product around our very specific and unique business model and business processes, spread out over 10 locations and it has enabled us to compete effectively with companies that are much larger than us.A hearty thank you, to the entire Commence team, for your continued support and outstanding service.
Lance W, Partner & Co-Founder
Med Supply Partners
We evaluated many different CRM systems and found Commence to be the most intuitive and the best value by far. We have been very pleased with the products ability to help us manage our leads and our sales cycles as well as the support we have received from Commence.
Melinda K. Spille, Director of Marketing
Weight Watchers
Commence is hands down the very best CRM solution on the market for small-to-medium sized businesses. When I researched for a CRM solution for our company, I could barely get people to give me the time of day and their rates were not competitive with my budget needs; Commence had a live person (the sales person that ultimately provided me with my quote) who answered the phone the first time I called. After they got our business, things only got better. I send an email or make a phone call, I get an answer and I get help. My relationship with Commence is what I wish I had with all my vendors. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Mary Nicolazzo
Canada East Equipment Dealers' Association
Our firm was seeking a CRM solution that enabled us to capture, track and share information within the organization without using multiple systems. Of key importance was the ability to integrate e-mail with accounts and contacts and generate custom reports. What we liked about Commence CRM was how robust and customizable it was as compared to similarly priced products. Commence is a powerful tool that integrates marketing, sales and lead management seamlessly. Commence support has been amazing with a friendly knowledgeable staff eager to help.
Chris Kovelan, Chief Operations Officer
RYO Services LLC
We are a start-up company experiencing hyper growth and Commence gave us a one-stop solution to organize our Customer Accounts and Leads. The Customer Support Team guided us from day one in tailoring the Commence solution around our business model. They even helped us create the reports we needed to make strategic decisions in real-time.
Regina Ruby, Director of Operations
California Employers Association
Commence is a big part of our company process, from being our client database to calculating our billable hours. It is an high quality system and the customer service we receive is just as amazing. I always receive a quick response, and almost always get a solution to my request or problem the same day.
John Menzies, Euromax Resources
London, UK
I have been using Commence software for many years and it is an important tool for our business. I have been delighted with the progressive change in the software over the years and its continued utility. If you are new to Commence or thinking of purchasing this product you will find that Commence provides excellent customer service and has a customer base that is devoted to the product – it’s more like the devotion you see in Apple users and not at all common for a Windows product. Part of the reason for this is that Commence really gets into your workflow and business organisation and slowly becomes totally indispensable.
Paddy Moore, COO QlikPower
QlikPower, Ireland
QlikPower is a leading Business Intelligence company serving the UK and Irish marketplace. We did trials of several CRM solutions and found Commence to be not only full featured, but the most intuitive and easy to use of the group. The Commence system has dramatically improved the entire Marketing, Sales and Customer Support operations within QlikPower.
Stefany Brown, Nutritional Consultant
Standard Process of Central Florida
My company came across Commence when we found that the “typical” CRM software could not meet our needs. After looking at the product we knew we had found a winner! We have had nothing but amazing support with Commence, and they have created a customized CRM that has become an integral part of the business. The flexibility of using the data both when on and offline has been key! We couldn’t have become the successful business that we are without it.
Audrey Taylor, Sales Representative
We have used Commence software going on a year now and it has been instrumental in keeping us organized. The ability to log calls and meetings, schedule appointments and filter by numbers and cities while on the road enables us to store and retrieve useful contact information as needed. The Commence representatives are always helpful, knowledgeable and willing to spend the extra time to customize a solution for our business needs.
Kara Moore
Fiberpol, Inc.
Our company is both sales and service oriented and we needed a CRM system that could address both areas including our after sales follow-up program. After a review of several solutions we chose Commence CRM. We found the program to be functionality rich, affordable and easy to use. In addition, the Commence staff was very helpful during the evaluation process. The sales representative spent a great deal of time making sure we were comfortable that the system would meet our requirements and after implementation, the support staff helped us to tailor the system so that we could realize additional value from it. We have certainly improved our internal efficiency because of the Commence product and their staff.
Kärki-Agri is a leading provider of cattle nutrients in Finland. The company has experienced continued growth and was looking for a way to become more efficient with handling and processing high order volumes. Due to other unique business requirements traditional out-of the-box CRM solutions simply would not meet their needs. The company engaged CRM Invest, a Commence Business Partner in Finland to tailor the Commence CRM system to meet their requirements. The company required 17 users most of whom use Acer w500 tablet pc’s to take and send orders on the go.
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CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management)

Commence Corporation’s web customer relationship software provides a suite of software applications that have been designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses that are seeking an easy to use, rapidly deployable affordable solution for customer management.

Contact Management Software

Contact management systems are focused on managing the interaction with people vs. the interaction with accounts or companies. Contact management software typically stores name, address, phone, e-mail, notes and historical information. Commence delivers a more robust offering and includes SFA/sales automation, database marketing, and customer service applications along with consulting services.

Online CRM

This is simply a term used to describe software that is deployed over the Internet via a web browser. Commence Corporation is a vendor that offers online software for mid-size businesses looking to improve how they manage their relationships with customers.

Customer Management Software

Customer management software systems are focused on managing the interaction with customer accounts or companies. Customer manager software typically stores company name, multiple locations or addresses (such as a branch location), multiple phone numbers, e-mail addresses, notes and historical information. In addition, the customer record is used to organize all the contacts within the account and show all related information and interactions across the different customer contacts. Commence delivers a robust Business to business offering and includes SFA/sales automation, database marketing, and customer service applications along consulting services.

Sales Management Software

Sales Management Software provides features to automate the selling process from introduction to closure and the ability to manage each stage of the sales cycle. Sales managers need more than contact information to manage complex sales processes, but they don't want to be saddled with an overly complex sales system that requires hours of administration.

Collaborative Software

Collaborative systems manage the full life cycle of customer interaction and involve multiple departments and multiple job functions. The objective here is to ensure that people throughout the organization have access to vital customer information in order to make informed business decisions. Collaborative software often involves the integration of disparate systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Accounting or ERP systems.

Social CRM Software

Social networking is becoming an important vehicle for sharing information and building brand recognition and is being touted as the way people will communicate in the future. Common sites include Twitter, Face Book, and Linked In. Commence Corporation has incorporated social networking into its web based CRM solution for small businesses.

CRM Online

This is simply another term used to describe software that is deployed over the Internet via a web browser. Commence Corporation offers a top rated online CRM software solution for mid-size businesses.

Hosted CRM Software

This term traditionally represents software that resides on desktop computers under a client server deployment. The server is managed and maintained by a third party vendor at their data center. The exchange of customer data between the desktop computer and server is done via synchronization over the Internet. Commence Corporation offers a hosted solution for small to mid-size businesses.

Outlook CRM

Microsoft’s Outlook program is utilized by the majority of businesses for e-mail, calendaring and task management. Commence is seamlessly integrated with Outlook enabling the end user to read their e-mail, schedule activities and access their calendar right within the Commence system. This helps businesses to provide better customer management and customer service.

Small Business CRM

Small businesses are more concerned with a products ease of use then having every bell and whistle available. Commence is a web Customer Relationship Management solution that has been designed specifically for small to mid-size businesses and may be deployed on premise or as a web based solution. Commence also offers an array of consulting services to assist with integration, application development and implementing small business management software.

Sales Tracking Software

Sales Tracking software refers to the automation of the selling process from introduction to closure and the ability to report on and manage each stage of the sales cycle. Commence offers this functionality as a component of its web based solution.

Commence vs. is a web solution designed for enterprise corporations and is functionality rich, but too difficult to use and too expensive for small to mid-size businesses. Commence software is designed for smaller businesses and is easier to use and less expensive than

Commence vs. Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is a desktop solution sold and implemented by third party providers. It’s fairly expensive to purchase and even more expensive to implement and maintain. The company has announced a web-based offering that is designed to address the concerns above. Both products are sold and maintained by third party providers, which means you are not working directly with Microsoft, but instead with Microsoft partners. Commence customer management software is a comprehensive suite of fully integrated web applications that has been specifically designed for sales, marketing and customer management. Commence is easy to deploy, easy to use, customizable and the most affordable web solution for growing businesses.

Commence vs. SugarCRM

Sugar’s origination is what is known as open source software, meaning it’s free to the public. These provided the company with a great deal of visibility and free testing. The product however is fairly limited in its core functionality, requiring customers to then pay for additional features that are core to their business. Commence is a comprehensive suite of fully integrated business applications that have been specifically designed for growing businesses.

CRM Software Demo

Customers interested in Commence Web CRM software can sign up for a free online trial of the customer software so that they can experience how the product can be utilized for workflow management and managing customer relationships. During the trial period Commence will provide white papers, training and consulting services to ensure total customer satisfaction and a positive customer experience.

CRM Testimonials

Commence supports several thousand customers across 35 unique industries in 22 countries around the world. These customers utilize the company’s product for managing customer relationships. Commence has one the highest customer retention rates in the industry and thousands of satisfied loyal customers.

CRM Consulting

One of the areas that differentiate Commence from other software vendors is our consulting services and our domain experience that crosses companies of all sizes and multiple industries. Commences professional services team assist our customers with best practices for customer manager software. This ensures that Commence customers remain satisfied and loyal.

CRM API Integration

Commence includes a web services Application Programming Interface or (API) that supports integration with disparate systems such as Accounting and ERP.

CRM Ebooks

Commence offers our customers an e-book, called “Practices That Pay” which outlines best practices for sales automation and management, sales optimization and database marketing. These best practices are part of the company’s consulting services.

CRM Online Case Studies

Case studies that highlight the value customers have realized with Commence can be downloaded from this web site.

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