Corporate Overview

Commence -- Top Rated CRM Software

Unmatched Performance, Reliability and Value

Founded in 1988, Commence® Corporation is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Automation software. The company provides a diverse suite of customer management software solutions that integrate people, processes and technology for improved agility and business performance. Companies that have implemented Commence’s customer management software have realized significant improvements in sales execution and customer service.

Commence has been the recipient of numerous CRM industry awards throughout its rich history and was the original developer of IBM Current, a desktop contact management program and IBM SuperSELL, a sales force automation solution. Commence software has also been sold under private label by companies such as Compaq Computer, Lucent Technology and other third party organizations. Today, Commence CRM is distributed around the world and is used by several thousand companies to manage their business and their customer relationships.

More about Commence Corporation:

What differentiates Commence is the company’s dedication to technology leadership and its ability to provide world-class business solutions that deliver exceptional value to its customers. Coupled with its award-winning CRM software is a set of “Best Practices” that have been developed to assist companies improve how they market, sell and provide service to their customers.

A Commitment to Technology Leadership and Innovation

The First CRM Company to provide:

  • A "CRM Framework" that supports full customization of pre-built solutions without programming knowledge.
  • "Agent Technology" - supercharged macro's that automate business processes.
  • "Sync Link" - a unique database synchronization feature that allows for data synchronization of PC's not connected to a LAN.
  • "Connection Controls" - a bi-direction link that allows for connecting information. in a one-to-one, one to many or many to many relationship.
  • Multi-Level Data Security to prevent unauthorized browsing of data.
  • Best in Class – Top rated CRM and sales automation software.

Proven Performance

  • More than two decades of industry experience.
  • Recipient of numerous industry awards for product quality.
  • Best practices for improved business performance.
  • Proven ROI – hundreds of customer testimonials
  • Several thousand customers around the world.
  • A price leader vs. Microsoft Dynamics &

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

  • Industry leading customer loyalty rate.
  • Global sales training and customer support services.
  • Web-based customer knowledge base available 24/7.
  • Annual customer surveys.
  • Mobile Synchronization with Customer Database
  • Support for Remote Users via Web Browser


Award Winning CRM Software + Best Practices Is What Makes Commence Different

Commence CRM is a robust highly flexible customer management solution for the middle market. Commence offers customers the “Freedom of Choice” to deploy the CRM solution on premise or hosted ondemand via the cloud. What differentiates Commence CRM from other CRM solutions starts with an intuitive, friendly user interface that makes the product extremely easy to navigate and easy to use.