Build Data-Driven Business Applications

When the unique requirements of your business call for custom solutions, Commence RM is the product of choice among IT Professionals. This powerful database management software consists of a suite of business applications complemented by a set of tools that enable the customization of the "out-of-box" applications or the creation of new ones. Whether you need a simple desktop database, a departmental solution or an enterprise system, Commence RM will enable you to create and deploy unique business solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of other alternatives.

Commence RM is ideal for tracking and managing people, projects, images and information and will adapt to your business as it grows and changes. Used in more than 30 industries around the world Commence RM is easy to use and extraordinarily flexible with an intuitive user interface and wizards that speed development. With Commence RM you can work online or offline and access data via a mobile device. Don’t compromise your requirements by getting boxed into a corner with a one size fits all solution. You need Commence RM.

Core features:

Proven – Reliable Software The most flexible, reliable database management software in the industry
On-Premise or Hosted Implement and manage Commence RM on site or use Commence's Hosting Service
Work Online or Offline Take Commence RM with you wherever you go and have full access to your data
Flexible Customizable SolutionsCreate unique applications for your industry or specific business requirements