Reporting and Analytics

Make Informed Decisions

In order to make informed decisions you need real time access to vital customer data. Commence CRM offers comprehensive reporting that lets you quickly access historical and interactive data and gain deep insight into your business. Customizable ad-hoc reports combined with a graphical representation of sales, marketing and customer service information enables management to get a clear picture of what’s happening across the organization.

  • Real time business intelligence on demand
  • Library of pre-built reports for sales, marketing and customer service
  • Powerful ad-hoc report generator with report exporting
  • Analytics delivers graphical representation of business climate
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions
Reporting and Analytics

Core features:

Real time Interactive DashboardView account status, identify new opportunities, manage the sales pipeline and the efficiency of your sales team
Multi-level reportingPre-built, ad-hoc and graphical reporting help you to make informed business decisions
Create powerful, custom reportsBuilt in report generator enables the creation of customer reports
Historical TrendingIdentify issues and take appropriate action before they impact your business
Complete business visibility from summary to detailMonitor the effectiveness of sales opportunities, marketing programs and service ticket management
Analyze Business Issues Quickly and EfficientlyGraphical analysis provides a quick view of deal flow, win/loss analysis, average deal size and more


Commence CRM provides you with pre-built, point and click, text based, and graphical reports for all applications from contact management, sales and marketing to projects and accounting. A built in report generator enables you to create reports against any data in the system including customer fields. The analytics package provides additional sales, marketing and customer service indicators to help you make informed business decisions.