Project Management

Collaborative Project & Resource Management

Successful project management requires proper planning, organization of tasks, and the establishment of priorities and deadlines. Commence enables the effective management of projects from concept to conclusion, by providing project managers with immediate access to the information they require to ensure the project remains on track and within budget.

  • Prioritize, budget and assign resources
  • Track time and expenses
  • Manage deliverables and collaborate
  • Issue tracking and escalation
  • Increase profit, reduce expenses – learn from history
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Core features:

Centralized Project ManagementPlan and organize project activities using resource and business input. Enable access to all authorized personnel
Plan, track and monitor all project activityCollaborate across the entire project lifecycle and take corrective action where necessary
Resource Planning & ManagementCoordinate calendars and schedules to ensure resource availability
Manage all task, time sheets and resource assignmentsContinually validate cost and scope of project and redeploy resources as needed
Measure project progressPre-built and customizable reporting ensure projects stay on track
Identify and resolve project issuesVisibility into each stage of the project ensures corrective measures can be taken

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Commence CRM manages and optimizes project execution by enabling project managers to meet deliverables through proper planning and resource management. The integration of project time tables and deliverables with the account and contact management applications ensures proper communication and collaboration among different departments. Resources can then be deployed based on need ensuring that each project is completed on time and within budget.