Sales and Opportunity Management

Manage complex sales processes

Sales professionals need more than contact information to manage complex sales processes, but they don’t want to be saddled with an overly complex sales system that requires hours of administration. Sales representatives love Commence because it’s easy to use and helps them to manage each sales opportunity from introduction to closure.

Sales managers are provided with immediate access to all sales activity, the company’s pipeline and a graphical analysis of deal flow. This enables them to take an active role in helping their team close more business.

  • Manage the entire sales cycle
  • Schedule appointments, activities, and to do’s
  • Record all interaction with customers and prospects
  • Track and manage pipeline opportunities
  • Generate accurate forecast and performance reporting
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Core features:

Manage the Complete Sales CycleStay on top of every opportunity from introduction through closure
Interactive Sales FunnelAutomated sales process identifies where each opportunity is in the sales cycle
Maintain Sales Cycle HistoryRecord all interactions with customers and prospects including e-mail and documents
QuotingCreate and e-mail quotes and attach them to the account or opportunity
Workflow ProcessesSchedule follow-up appointments, activities and to do’s
Powerful ReportingGraphical reporting coupled with a built in report generator provides the analytical reporting necessary to manage your business

CRM Sales and Opportunities Video


Even your most senior sales representatives can lose focus and neglect basic sales principles when working on many opportunities simultaneously, but not with Commence CRM. Automated processes will provide your sales team with a road map to closure, carefully managing key issues, obstacles and critical events on the way to “winning the sale”.