Social CRM

Social Networking in your CRM

Social networking has become a highly effective vehicle for building brand recognition. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have changed the way businesses interact with other organizations, communities and individuals and now Commence CRM is changing the way people communicate internally with a unique social tool called “Conversations”.

Conversations, is a Twitter-like feature that provides real time collaboration with internal staff. Create groups of people or followers, send messages with instant alerts and interact real time using Commence CRM. It’s perfect for connecting with departmental staff or people that work in remote or home offices that can be difficult to contact. “Conversations” along with seamless integration with LinkedIn and Google Maps enables you to use Commence CRM for both internal and external social networking.

Core Features:

Establish specific groups of followers or people you wish to follow
Instant “Alerts” inform you that you have new messages
Improve internal communication and collaboration with internal staff.
Begin a dialogue and get immediate responses from people working internally or remotely.

“Conversations” displayed on your Commence CRM dashboard



CRM is not only about improving internal business processes. Commence CRM takes your business to a whole new level by enabling you to reach outside your business and interact with people, other organizations and communities using social networking sites. The Conversations feature offers a unique vehicle for improved communication and collaboration with your internal staff and provides you with an exceptional return on your investment.